1D/2D analysis software


ALICE10bn is software that can quickly and easily process, print, and save data required by NMR users.
It combines advanced and multifaceted NMR analysis functions with simple and easy-to-understand operability.
It is used by many NMR users.

  • Easy Operation

    Easy operation and Sophisticated analysis of NMR data

  • Net ALICE

    Easy installation of multiple ALICE by Net License

  • Data Explorer

    Data Explorer works as Windows Explorer

Speed ​​up quantitative analysis!

NMR Quantity Calculation Software ALICE10QTbn

Another line up software of NMR, for Quality Analysis.
ALICE10QTbn provides quantitative analysis of NMR data by easy operation.


Multivariate analysis software

NMR Metabolome Analysis Software ALICE10MLbn

ALICE10MLbn supplies total solution system for analyzing multi variated data in only one window.


Annual License Plan

NEW! Annual license plan will save money and you can try ALICE10bn, ALICE10QTbn, ALICE10MLbn for 13 months.
Licenses are renewable every year.

  • ALICE10bn-1year

    You can use ALICE10bn for 13 months.

  • ALICE10QTbn-1year

    You can use ALICE10QTbn for 13 months.

  • ALICE10MLbn-1year

    You can use ALICE10MLbn for 13 months.

ALICE series product list

We offer a variety of plans, including discounts for purchasing multiple licenses and one-year annual licenses.
If you have any questions about each plan, please feel free to contact us.

Software Product License Price
1D/2D analysis software
ALICE10bn 1 ¥660,000
ALICE10bn-3 3 ¥1,320,000
ALICE10bn-5 5 ¥1,540,000
Net license software
NetALICE10bn 1 ¥660,000
NetALICE10bn-3 3 ¥1,320,000
NetALICE10bn-5 5 ¥1,540,000
NetALICE10bn-10 10 ¥2,200,000
NMR Quantity caluculation software
ALICE10QTbn 1 ¥660,000
ALICE10QTbn-5 5 1,540,000
NMR metabolome analysis software
ALICE10MLbn 1 ¥880,000
ALICE10bn 1year license ALICE10bn-1year 1 ¥217,800
ALICE10QTbn 1year license ALICE10QTbn-1year 1 ¥217,800
ALICE10MLbn 1year license ALICE10MLbn-1year 1 ¥297,000

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